Campion Hall highlighted in 'America Magazine' profile

America Magazine, the flagship Catholic publication in the United States, recently featured an extensive profile of Campion Hall.

The piece, written by the Hall's former assistant curator Altair Brandon-Salmon, gave an overview of the history of Oxford's only Jesuit college, emphasizing in particular the role of Fr. Martin D'Arcy, SJ, who collaborated closely with the celebrated architect Edwin Lutyens to make Campion Hall a reality.

Brandon-Salmon's expert descriptions of the art and architecture of make for a highly readable introduction to this special place.

He also discussed the role of Campion Hall in reasserting a distinctively Catholic identity in the heart of Oxford, a task that D'Arcy certainly saw as central to his mission. As Brandon-Salmon puts it 

The art has become embedded into the daily life of Campion Hall, exposing an international group of students to a baroque visual culture, reminding them of an old knowledge, that England was not always thus [...] 

In Campion Hall, Father Martin D’Arcy created a powerful vision of Catholic values and British identity in continuity with both the nation’s and the church’s history.

Read the full profile by clicking here.