Campion Hall Jubilee Celebration of 60 Years in the Society of Jesus

Editor's Note: We are grateful to Hall member Fr. Ian Tomlinson, SJ (who also serves as Assistant Chaplain at the University of Oxford Catholic Chaplaincy) for providing the following summary of a recent gathering. 


Campion Hall hosted a dinner on this September for 13 Jesuits who 60 years ago entered the Jesuit novitiate in Manresa House, Roehampton, south-west London. The Jesuits present were: Michael Bingham, Paul Edwards, Damian Jackson, Bob Styles and Ian Tomlinson.  Brian MacGarry from Zimbabwe was unable to attend but sent a video message.  

They were joined by 8 companions who entered on the same day but at various times chose other paths:  John Foley, John Gilmurray, Michael Murphy, Michael Malone-Lee, Charles McBride, John Nolan, John Sullivan and Michael Wood.  Simon Yates from Canada was unable to attend.

The dinner was preceded by a mass during which prayers were offered for those who had died: Jim Henderson SJ, Nowell Jelf, Frank Mclaughlin, Ken Nugent SJ, Keith Rodriguez and Hugh Tornabene.  Also remembered were a   small number who were unable to attend or could not be contacted.

Six of those who attended were alumni of Campion Hall in the 1960’s: Michael Bingham, Damian Jackson, Michael Murphy, Michael Malone-Lee, Charles McBride and Ian Tomlinson.

William (Billy) Bush, our new chef, produced a fine meal (soup, rump of lamb and carpaccio of pineapple) for which all were very grateful.  We were at table some three hours.  Earlier, as we assembled, hesitant recognition soon gave way to joy.   Once at table, conversation flowed.  Someone said we had slipped back effortlessly to the last meeting 10 years ago or even further into the distant past.  We ended with a customary Jesuit toast Ad multos annos and a group photograph.

The origin of this gathering goes back 20 years.  Then, mindful of the passing of the years, some of us began to think of an anniversary meal and the idea of inviting those who had arrived on the first evening emerged in 1959.  The first meeting (40 years after entry) was at the Jesuit house of Osterley and after 50 years at Loyola Hall in Lancashire.

Many thanks to all who contributed to making this a memorable and enjoyable day.