Campion Hall is one of three colleges and PPHs to pay the Oxford Living Wage

Students from Oxford University gathered outside the Clarendon Building last week for the Raise the Wage rally, which called for the University to pay its staff the Oxford Living Wage. The rally was organised by the Oxford Living Wage Campaign alongside several other student organisations.

In recognition of the high cost of living in Oxford, the Oxford Living Wage was created by the City Council and set annually based on the Living Wage Foundation’s Real Living Wage calculations. The current rate for Oxford is £10.02 an hour, which will be increased to £10.21 an hour from April 2020.

Campion Hall is proud to be one of three Oxford colleges and permanent private halls currently committed to paying employees the Oxford Living Wage or above. The Hall places great value in promoting a more just society and strives to reflect this ethos in its everyday operations, including ensuring that all employees are provided a fair and liveable wage.