Campion to host weekly reading course on prudence in Thomas Aquinas (MT '19-'20)

Each Tuesday morning during Michaelmas Term, Campion Hall will host a reading group on the works of Thomas Aquinas. Specifically, this reading course will focus on Aquinas’s treatment of the virtue of prudence (prudentia), especially in the Summa Theologiae IIae-IIa, 47-57 (the ‘Treatise on Prudence’), but also in other texts throughout his corpus. Fundamentally, our seminar will ask what a moral theology that is seen as a servant of prudential moral living would look like, and, to this end, we will also seek to address some central questions and themes which arise in contemporary discussions of prudence. 

Graduate-level philosophers and theologians are welcome to attend. There will be required readings which are circulated ahead of each meeting so registration is requested; please see the course details below for further information. 

Group Specifics: 

  • Where: Seminar Room, Campion Hall (Brewer Street, OX11QS)
  • When: Weekly, Tuesdays at 9am - 10:30am 
  • Who: Convener: Dr Nicholas Austin, SJ, Master of Campion Hall