Celebrating Campion Day

Earlier this month Campion Hall celebrated Campion Day - also the Hall’s principal feast day - in memory of Saint Edmund Campion, a sixteenth century Jesuit saint and scholar, who was martyred on 1 December 1581.

A Mass was held in the chapel presided by the Master, Dr Nicholas Austin, SJ, who highlighted two events from Edmund Campion’s life in his homily. The Mass also saw the premiere of Visiting Music Fellow Luca Uggias’s four new choral compositions. On the inspiration behind his music, Luca says:

“As I was working on the setting of these lyrics, I tried to convey a sense of prayerful recollection. All four pieces express a delicate inner journey, which is not always easily found, especially in Christmas carols since they tend to be more festive and joyful. I aimed at expressing the meditative and graceful dimension in the music.”

Each year Campion Day provides not only the opportunity to honour the Saint the Hall is named after, but also a chance for all members of the Hall, including those not based at Oxford, to gather together. It is a testimony to the truly global nature of the Hall that over 20 countries were represented in the members who joined us for Campion Day Dinner.

Highlights from Mass

Homily by Dr Nicholas Austin, SJ

The Nativity
(Christmas carol, offertory. Words by Robert Southwell, SJ)

A Hymn to Our Lady
(Piano and Voice, communion. Words by Edmund Campion, SJ)

O Child of Mary’s Tender Care
(Christmas carol, post-Mass. Words by Gerard Manley Hopkins, SJ)

Moonless Darkness Stands Between
(Christmas carol, post-Mass. Words by Anonymous)