Connecting Ecologies

Between 6-9 December, Campion Hall will play host to Connecting Ecologies: a series of events bringing together specialists from different academic and professional backgrounds with the aim of stimulating dialogue and reflection about an integrated response to environmental change.

The inspiration behind the interdisciplinary approach of Connecting Ecologies is the vision promoted by the recent encyclical Laudato Si on Care for Our Common Home. In this letter to all people of good will, Pope Francis emphasises that ecological challenges can only be addressed through an appreciation of the interrelatedness of different spheres of life, whether economic and societal systems, scientific developments, or spiritual expression.

The basic structure

Whilst the main Symposium section of Connecting Ecologies consists of a group of invited specialists, as detailed below, members of the public are welcome to attend the opening and closing events, namely a lecture at Pembroke College and a recital in Christchurch Cathedral.

Opening public lecture

Connecting Ecologies will be launched with a lecture at Pembroke College on Wednesday 6th December at 16.00pm. Guest Speakers are Professor Kevin Irwin of Catholic University of America and Andreas Carlgren vice-chair of the Stockholm Environment Institute and former Swedish Minister for the Environment. Attendance to this lecture is open to members of the public. Should you wish to attend, please register here


Between 7-9th December, a group of around forty individuals drawn from academic institutions, government, policy organisations and faith communities will participate in a symposium. Taking the form of a colloquium rather than a conference, these two and a half days are designed to help a mutual development for the idea of an ‘integral ecology’. We will explore what this may mean methodologically and practically. The sessions will not focus so much on the analysis of ecological stress but try to map out positive responses to it. The key questions will relate to how we begin to construct an integral ecology and provide the resources, conceptual, political, social, scientific, theological. If you have already been invited to participate in the symposium and require practical information, please see information for symposium invitees

Music recital

The events also include a public music recital at Christ Church Cathedral on Thursday 7th December, 15.45pm-16.45pm. The recital is a première of two original compositions for the Connecting Ecologies Symposium. ‘Clothed in white’ by composer-in-residence Fr Christopher Willcock SJ, played by Hamish Dustagheer, Maestro di Cappella at Malta Metropolitan Cathedral, Malta and visiting Music Fellow at Campion Hall and ‘Laudato sì, mi Signore cum tutte le Tue creature’ for 4 voices by Luca Uggias and featuring selected readings from Laudato Si, the Pope's encyclical on climate change, and the works of G.M. Hopkins and Wendell Berry.

Attendance to the recital is open to members of the public. Should you wish to attend, please register here