Gustavo Morello, SJ in conversation with Dr Austen Ivereigh

Throughout the 1970's and beyond, Argentina was ravaged by a so-called 'Dirty War' between government forces and left-wing guerrillas. The consequences of that conflict still can be felt throughout Argentinian society today, not least of all in people's perceptions of the state and the Church and their respective roles in the war. 

On Tuesday 7th February Campion Hall will host a conversation with Gustavo Morello, a Jesuit sociologist whose new book, The Catholic Church and Argentina's Dirty War (OUP 2015), looks afresh at this most pivotal episode of recent Argentinian history. Morello will be joined in conversation by Dr Austen Ivereigh, noted journalist, author, and coordinator of the media group Catholic Voices. 

Spots are limited for this talk and reception. To enquire about attendance, please email The talk will take place at 5.30pm at Campion Hall.