James Keenan, SJ gives Campion lecture and seminar

Prof. James Keenan is the Canisius Chair in the Theology Faculty at Boston College (USA) and a leading expert in the field of theological ethics. 

He delivered the annual Campion Lecture on 14 November, speaking on the topic of vulnerability in a talk entitled "Exploring Vulnerability: Theological Ethics Today". Afterwards Prof. Keenan took questions from the audience. 

The next day students had the opportunity to engage Keenan directly at Campion's regular seminar in modern theology, where he delivered a paper on the history of Scholastic theology. 

Recently Keenan received the John Courtney Murray Award for distinguished theological achievement from the Catholic Theological Society of America. 


Pictured, left: Members of the Campion seminar in modern theology with Prof Keenan