Master Emeritus Hanvey delivers University Sermon

On the morning of Sunday 20 October 2019, the Rev'd Dr James Hanvey, SJ, Master Emeritus of Campion Hall, delivered a University Sermon at the University Church of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford. 

The practice of delivering University Sermons in St Mary's dates back to the earliest days of the University. Each year eminent men and women from many different traditions are invited by the Vice-Chancellor to deliver semons 'before the University'. The University Procession includes the University Verger and Bedels, as well as the Proctors and the Vice-Chancellor (or their deputies). The University's motto from Psalm 27, Dominus illuminatio mea ('The Lord is my light'), captures something of its purpose: an occasion of exploration for the illumnation of the mind in the context of prayer. Today, these sermons occur here and in College Chapels across the University. They provide an opportunity to hear renowned thinkers from a range of disciplines and perspectives, drawing together the life of learning, spiritual discovery and the quest for truth. 

Other preachers this Michaelmas include Professor Ian McFarland, Professor Jane Shaw, and the Very Reverend Nicholas Papadopulos.

After a tenure as Master of Campion Hall (2013-2018), Dr Hanvey was recently appointed to the position of Secretary for the Service of Faith and the Jesuit Curia in Rome. 


A copy of Fr Hanvey's remarks can be found in the document to the left on this page (click to download).