Seven Women on Holy Saturday

31st March, 2018

Holy Saturday is a unique opportunity to reflect on the central event of Christianity. In particular, today we're required to wait for God--to patiently look forward to the victory of Easter without simply skipping over the trauma of Good Friday. This in-betweenness can be difficult, but it is an essential part of the Christian life.

The following series of reflections--written by the Master of Campion Hall Rev'd Dr James Hanvey, SJ, and produced by the team at Thinking Faith--encourages us to embrace the in-betweenness of Holy Saturday by looking to the example of seven women from Jesus' life. These women, each in her own way, show their faith by their patience, by their willingness to wait for God. 

Audio recordings of the reflections can be found alltogether HERE on Thinking Faith's Soundcloud page, or accessed individually below. Written versions of each reflection can be found via the PDF document to the left on this page. 

These recordings are all made available by the courtesy of Thinking Faith's "Pathways to God" initiative, which offers practical resources and spiritual reflections in the Ignatian tradition. 

Reflections via Soundcloud:

(1) The Woman Taken in Adultery 
(2) Martha
(3) Mary of Bethany 
(4) The Woman at the Well
(5) Veronica
(6) The Woman with a Haemmorhage
(7) Mary Magdalen