Treasures of the Hall: Eric Gill's St Martin Engraving

Editor's Note: As part of a series on the art and architecture of Campion Hall we'll be highlighting an item or room each week, with a short description penned by Hall Archivist Prof. Peter Davidson and Archival Associate Altair Brandon-Salmon. This week's piece is the one-of-a-kind stone carving of St Martin, situated in the Hall's main stairwell. 

- - - - - 

The St. Martin

Eric Gill's carving of St. Martin with the beggar on the main stairs in Campion Hall, was executed for this position in 1936. Echoing the work of his friend and pupil David Jones, Gill has depicted the soldier-saint as an officer from the First World War, and has given the beggar the features of the tireless fundraiser Fr Martin D'Arcy SJ. The industrial landscape in the background reflects the concerns which Gill and D'Arcy shared for the major social questions of the day.

Also in the collection of the hall is this 19th century copy on panel of El Greco's painting of St. Martin and the Beggar (newly reframed) a work which may well have belonged to D'Arcy himself.