Prof Peter Pfeiffer, Visiting Scholar from Georgetown University, Washington DC

Peter was resident at Campion Hall during Hilary and Trinity term and is Professor of German at Georgetown. While at Campion Hall he completed a study of economics themes in a fairy tale by the Grimm Brothers’ (Mercantilist Treasure, Capitalist Circulation, and Gender Distinctions in the Grimm Brother’s Fairy Tale Hänsel und Gretel) and worked on a larger project on meanings of work in nineteenth century German and Austrian literature. He also prepared a conference on the same topic which will be held at Georgetown in 2016.

Vijay D’Souza, SJ - awarded Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Foundation graduate funding

Vijay D’Souza, SJ has been awarded the Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Foundation graduate funding for three years of research on and documentation of Hrusso Aka language of Arunachal Pradesh, India. The Hans Rausing Endangered Language Foundation is based at SOAS, London, and funds documentation of endangered languages throughout the world. His work will include writing a grammar of the language, creating a 100-hour audio and video database, and comunity mobilization. The work will begin in October 2015 as part of his Doctoral studies at Oxford.


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