David Jones at Campion Hall

A variety of themes informed Jones’ work both as poet and artist. They include the life of frontline soldiers in the Great War, which he had personally experienced, the archaeology and mythology of Britain, particularly legends associated with Wales and the Arthurian cycle, and the sacramental nature of art as exemplified by the Catholic Mass. All of these themes interact through his entire oeuvre, and are represented in a range of his work on paper at Campion Hall, mostly donated by Jones himself. Most of his gifts are engravings, though one is an original ink and pencil drawing.

Alexandre Yevgenievich Jacovleff and the 7 Chinese missionaries

The series of seven arresting and extremely accomplished crayon and sanguine portraits of Western and Chinese missionaries in the first floor corridor are the work of Alexandre Yevgenievich Jacovleff (1887-1938), a Russian painter, draughtsman, designer and etcher, who became something of a specialist in ethnographic portraiture. He was born in St Petersburg, and studied at the Imperial Academy of Art, where he was strongly associated with the Russian avant-garde movement which gave rise to Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes.

Peter Davidson discusses twilight with 'Hedgehog and the Fox' podcast

Campion Senior Fellow Peter Davidson recently sat down with the popular podcast 'The Hedgehog and the Fox' to talk about the idea of twilight and his latest book--The Last of the Light: About Twilight

Listen to their conversation by clicking here or following the link below: 


St Ignatius and Companions

One artwork which strikes every visitor to Campion Hall is the dramatic polychrome high relief group of Ignatius and Companions: unmissable, since it is to the right of the door in the front hall. This was a gift from Maurice Wilkinson, a medieval historian at St John’s College, Oxford. Father D’Arcy tells the story of how it got here in his essay on art at the Hall, ‘Treasure Hunting’, ‘Among the lucky finds, I must count the large 17th century Spanish carving of St Ignatius and his first companions.


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