About Us

Campion Hall was established by the Society of Jesus in 1896 as a private Hall of the University, originally for the benefit of undergraduates and has been a distinguished Hall of the University since its foundation. It now caters mainly for graduate studies. At the core of the Hall is the Jesuit community and religious life in the Catholic tradition, but it has always accepted other students and scholars from many different traditions and disciplines, secular and religious.

It is dedicated to advancing all the disciplines of the University through teaching, study, and publications. Almost since its foundation 1540, the Society of Jesus has been dedicated to education, especially in colleges and universities. Jesuits have been active in many fields of human enquiry. They have understood their teaching and research not only as part of the search for truth but also as a desire to contribute to the universal human good. Such a wide and dynamic engagement in the intellectual life in all cultures is rooted in one of the central principles of the Society's founder, Ignatius of Loyola, that God is at work in all things. 

Although academic work often demands solitary commitment, Campion Hall is committed to providing a community in which all can participate, one that encourages and supports each member in their chosen field. Within the University, Campion Hall desires to foster that gaudium de veritate, so precious to Saint Augustine, the joy of searching for, discovering and communicating truth in every field of knowledge. The purpose of Campion Hall is succinctly expressed in its Latin motto, Veritatem facientes in Caritate (Doing the truth in love).