St Martin Carving

St Martin, a Roman soldier, gave his cloak to a beggar, later revealed to have been Christ. Here he is dressed as a WW1 cavalry officer. The features of D'Arcy are at his request those of the beggar and not of the saint. The carving by Eric Gill, a friend of D'Arcy, was donated by the Society for the Destitute, in recognition of generous help given by D'Arcy (whose social preoccupations are not usually recognized). In typical Gill style, the maximum is expressed by the minimum in this stone bas-relief: a few lines compress a scene into a few square inches, the horse's mane being playfully adorned with dreadlocks. The carving adorns the monumental staircase created by Lutyens at the front end of the Hall. The inscription reads: St Martin pray for us.