Rev'd Vijay D’Souza, SJ: Publication

Rev'd Vijay D’Souza, SJ is engaged in his Oxford MPhil programme on an in depth study of Hrusso Aka and other minority languages which are found in North-East India. Most of these languages and cultures are currently endangered, and in typically Jesuit fashion, Vijay is working for their survival and flourishing. 

Hrusso Aka is a language enjoying 5000 speakers, located in Arunachal Pradesh, the most north eastern state of India. Vijay has been engaged in creating a writing system for the Hrusso Aka language, and in developing and producing literature in it to ensure its preservation and increase. His pioneering works are published by the Jesuits of the Kohima Region in North-East India adjoining Burma. He presented the following four titles: 

  • Cho Akonawa Thougyou I Nilvogo Nugubo (Come, Children, Let us Sing of the Love of God). Published in 1999, this catechism booklet for children was the first ever printed book in the Hrusso Aka language. 
  • Probu Jisu I shipyou (The Story of Lord Jesus). This is a colourful pictorial life of Jesus, published by the Kohima Jesuits in 2001. 
  • Ako Na Kako (Little Children’s Book) The first ever alphabet book in Hrusso Aka, aimed at teaching children the Hrusso Aka writing system using the Roman alphabet. 
  • Nugu Dziiwsa (Beautiful Songs). A book of prayers and 200 hymns, translated and newly composed for publication.