Campion welcomes new organist

Born in 1992, Hamish Dustagheer completed undergraduate studies at the Royal College of Music, London in summer 2014, graduating with First-Class Honours and awarded the Keyboard Prize. He studied with Gordon Fergus-Thompson (concert pianist) and Sophie-Véronique Cauchefer-Choplin (organist of Saint-Sulpice, Paris) and has remained under their tutelage to this day. During his time at Royal College he achieved examination and competition success, as well as obtaining the Fellowship of the Royal Schools of Music. Hamish now studies at the University of Oxford, reading for an MPhil in Music at New College; here he specialises in performance, whilst also researching, under the supervision of Robert Quinney, Solesmes’ influence on church music in early twentieth century England.

Having held posts in many leading Catholic churches, Hamish now enjoys a reputation as one of England’s foremost Catholic organists and improvisers, playing regularly in the great churches and cathedrals across Europe. He is currently Titular Organist of Quarr Abbey, Organist and Choral Director of Blackfriars, Oxford, and Organist of Campion Hall, Oxford – a unique position, simultaneously serving the Benedictine, Dominican and Jesuit foundations respectively.