'Guardian' Reviews Campion Senior Fellow's New Book

Writing for the Gaurdian, Kirsty Gunn reviews Campion Senior Research Fellow and Archivist Peter Davidson's new book, The Last of the Light: About Twilight. Gunn praises the "magical qualities" of Davidson's writings, Gunn recommends the book as both a "celebration and an inquiry into the significance of temperature and skies, especially at this time of year, when we are in the twilight of the seasons." 

Gunn writes:

[Davidson's] sentences appear to have the same magical qualities as the light that is his subject, caught between chien et loup, as the French call this time in-between day and night: shape-shifting, entrancing, sometimes haunting. [...] It is as if the very words we are reading are both transforming and fading reality in front of our eyes; beauty known, beauty lost, beauty forgotten.

Read the full review here.  

You can order Last of the Light: On Twilight now by clicking here


Side image: Victoria Crowe, *Considered Silence* by kind permission of the artist