Academic Life

Campion Hall was set up by the Society of Jesus to house Jesuits studying at Oxford and is situated in the centre of the city. At the moment we are a community of about thirty-five men, two thirds of whom are Jesuits. We also welcome as students members of other religious congregations as well as diocesan priests and seminarians. Laymen with some connection with the Society of Jesus may also be admitted. All members of the Hall who are full-time students of the University live in.

The Hall has a tradition of welcoming also sabbatical and visiting scholars in various subjects, and is now host to a Residency programme for faculty members from Georgetown University, the Jesuit university in Washington DC.
With doctoral students from all of the five continents in 2009-2010, Campion Hall has distinctive qualities:

  • a community spirit of openness and inclusiveness
  • supportive structures for students and researchers 
  • an international Jesuit Community
  • a pattern of life that blends the informal and the formal
  • a tradition of hospitality

Jesuits considering applying to Oxford University should contact Campion Hall before embarking on the admissions procedures of the University. Specific enquiries regarding Campion Hall and the Jesuit community can be sent by e-mail to 

Rev'd James Campbell, SJ - Canon Law at the Catholic University in Leuven
Rev'd Vijay D’Souza, SJ - MSt in Linguistics
Mr Pavlo Smytsnyuk - DPhil in Theology
Rev'd Sumeth Perera, SJ - DPhil in Genetics
Rev'd Emilio Travieso, SJ - DPhil in International Development
Rev'd Gerard Ryan, SJ - DPhil in Theology
Rev'd Alejandro Olayo Mendez - DPhil in International Development and Migration