Prof. Gerard Kilroy to lecture on rhetoric of Edmund Campion

Campion Hall is pleased to welcome Gerard Kilroy, Honorary Visiting Professor of English at University College London, for a lecture on the life and rhetoric of St. Edmund Campion. Professor Kilroy's most recent book, Edmund Campion: A Scholarly Life (Ashgate, 2015), examines the work and style of the great Jesuit priest, apologist, and scholar. 

The talk is entitled: "To wyn yow to heaven": Campion's winning speech, from the schools to the scaffold. Prof. Kilroy will examine what the evidence tells us about the power of Campion's speech to win over his hearers from Oxford to Tyburn, the oral, forensic and theatrical culture of the period, and the behaviour of Elizabethan audiences, whether they were shouting, hissing or, very unusually, silent. 


Gerard Kilroy read Classical Mods and English Literature at Magdalen College, Oxford and took his Ph.D. at Lancaster University.

He has had four Fellowships at the Folger Shakespeare Library, where he has done much of his research. He has also had Fellowships at St Catherine's College, Oxford and Marsh's Library and a Scholarship at St John's College, Oxford.

In Bath, he chaired a Café Philo for ten years, and organised the Bath Shakespeare Symposium to bring the latest scholarship to a wider audience. 

He currently holds an annual Visiting Professorship at Masaryk University, Brno, and is a consultant to a group at the Tischner and Jagiellonian Universities, Krakow, working on 'Subversive publication in Early Modern England and Poland'. 

His main research interests are in the transmission and circulation of manuscripts, and he has recently examined manuscripts of Edmund Campion in Stonyhurst College, the Capitular Library in Prague Castle and the Szersznyk Library, Cieszyn.