Campion Welcomes Distinguished Guests

The old Irish greeting, Cead Mile Failte, “a hundred thousand welcomes”, was clearly appropriate at Campion Hall on 13th May, when Oxford University’s recently appointed Vice-Chancellor, Professor Louise Richardson FRSA, formally graced the Hall with her company for the first time, at a Guest Night dinner at which participants included some members of the Jesuit community and other guests who also hailed from her native Ireland. Here the Vice-Chancellor is shown with the Master of the Hall, Rev Dr James Hanvey SJ, on her left, and on her right the other major guest of the evening, His Eminence Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Conner, the Emeritus Archbishop of Westminster and an old friend of Campion Hall. 

Other guests on this enjoyable occasion included the Dean of Christ Church and his wife, Rev. Dr Emma Percy; Revd Professor Michael Mullaney, Professor of Canon Law at St Patrick’s College, Maynooth; Professor Roy Foster, Carroll Professor of Irish History at Hertford College; and Professor Seán McGrail, former Oxford Visiting Professor of Maritime Archaeology and one time sabbatarian at Campion. 

The Vice-Chancellor was keen to chat with our postgraduate students about their work, and her interest was much appreciated by Dr Mantas Žurauskas from Lithuania, recently appointed Junior Research Fellow in Photonics; Travis LaCouter from the United States, studying for the MSt in theology; Ukrainian Pavlo Smytsnyuk, studying relationships between modern Eastern Orthodoxy and Hinduism; and Jesuits Alejandro Olaya, a Mexican working on migration studies in his home land, and Sumeth Perera from Sri Lanka researching into the mechanisms of cancer cell biology. 

Courtesy of the editor of Campion News