LSRI Lecture: "Radical Ecological Conversion as Objective and Opportunity" by Dr Oliver Putz

The Laudato Si' Research Institute is pleased to welcome Dr Oliver Putz from the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Germany, to give a talk entitled "Radical Ecological Conversion as Objective and Opportunity: Catholic Responsibilities after Laudato Si.‘" 

In his talk, Dr Putz will explore the ways in which the Catholic Church can drive societal transition from the current 'technocratic paradigm' - the way society has taken up advancement in technology without concerns for its potentially negative impact on human beings - to an integral ecology that takes into account the relationship between humans and their environment.
He will discuss how a radical ecological conversion is needed, and turns to theological, philosophical, political, and psychological insights to identify how such a conversion might be feasible.

Date: Thursday 5 March 2020
Time: 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Location: Campion Hall, Brewer Street, OX1 1QS

All are welcome to attend this free event. Please register here