Campion News - Trinity Term 2014

Welcome to Campion News, our regular newsletter beginning with this issue. In the past we have produced an occasional newsletter, but we plan to publish this one regularly, at the start of each term. We feel we have much to share with our friends, both old and hopefully new. We want to keep you informed about who we are at Campion Hall, what is happening here, and what we are achieving and aiming to achieve. We hope that reading about all this will prove interesting and enjoyable to our readers.

As can be seen inside, members of our Senior Common Room share in the University activities of lecturing, tutoring and supervising; while they and our Visiting Scholars continue their work of scholarly research and writing. We also introduce you to our international body of graduate students comprising our Middle Common Room, who are studying and research-ing for higher Oxford degrees in a fascinating variety of subjects; in addition to the Visiting Students registered in other Universities, who find the environment here amenable to their purpose for a time.

Campion Hall's traditional Latin motto translates into "speaking the truth in love" (Eph 4:15). In modern terms, this can involve seeing oneself committed to pursuing the truth in the service of others. This is no bad description of our aspirations at the Hall, as well as fulfilling the ultimate purpose of this Jesuit foundation: to work for the ever greater glory of God. At a more prosaic level, Campion News aims to live up to the wise observation of Dr Johnson, that "a man should keep his friendship in constant repair"!