Campion Conferences: Michaelmas Term 2014

During last term the Hall was pleased to be involved in several conferences on specialised and topical subjects, which well illustrated our commitment to academic engagement with social and cultural questions. These included: an international seminar on Parenthood, Population and Family Planning; and regular meetings of the Jesuit Institute of Education series for teachers in Jesuit UK schools.

In addition to providing select conference facilities, Campion was recently involved in arranging and leading its own conference in the "Understanding Islam" series, from 20-23 May. Led by Dr Damian Howard, SJ, lecturer at Heythrop College with a special academic interest in the Christian theological response to Islam, the Conference aimed to help Catholic participants to see the world through Muslim eyes, and to understand how the world view Muslims with whom they live and work are shaped by their faith. The conference was supported by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, and Georgetown University.