"'The hungry sheep look up and are not fed': the shepherds are all at a conference!" But sometimes conferences can actually be helpful; and with its modern facilities in a scholarly environment Campion Hall in Oxford is showing itself suitable and successful in hosting small select conferences. For instance, in February 2014 fourteen Jesuit Superiors of the Provinces of Western Europe gathered under the direction of the Jesuit General’s Assistant for that region, and discussed common policy topics for a few days. In contrast, March 2014 saw an international seminar of some fifteen delegates examining the topic of "Teaching About Rape as a Weapon of War and Genocide".

Adrian Porter, SJ, as Director of the UK's Jesuit Institute, and Provincial's Delegate for Education, as well as being a former member of the Hall, regularly brings together to Campion Hall for a night or two small groups of laywomen and men teachers from the Jesuit schools around Britain, to explore their shared vision of incorporating the Jesuit character and ethos into their teaching.