Campion’s Congratulations: Michaelmas Term 2014

We extend our warmest congratulations to the following members of the Hall on their recent successes.

  • Peter Gent has graduated MSt.
  • Andrew Hearl has graduated MSt with Distinction in his dissertation.
  • Rev'd Alejandro Olayo-Méndez, SJ has been awarded Change of Status in his doctoral project in international development, and is spending this year on fieldwork in Mexico.
  • Prof. Kevin Cathcart, Senior Research Fellow at Campion Hall, was nominated for an annual teaching award in the "Best Support Staff" section in the scheme which was recently set up by the Oxford University Student Union to recognise excellence in teaching and student support. Professor Cathcart was considered distinguished in making himself approachable to his students — and in being very quick to answer emails!
  • Rev'd Sumeth Perera, SJ is a runner up of this year's Peter Beaconfield Prize, which is aimed at rewarding young postgraduate researchers in the physiologi-cal sciences. Entitled "Exosomes: 'the language' of cancer survival?" Sumeth's essay explains that, as cancers become increasingly aggressive, they tend to migrate and proliferate in the body even under adverse conditions, so that they can survive and outcompete their neighbours. They are able to do this by sending out signals that allow them to grow and invade our bodies. Some of these signals are packaged into tiny vesicles (particles) called exosomes. "I've discovered that these vesicles are altered by drugs that are used to treat cancer patients, and I am investigating whether this allows cancer cells to resist the effects of these drugs. It is an attempt to understand the gaps in cancer treatment in the light of exosome function which may entail a key role in cancer survival."