From The Master: Hilary Term 2015

At the beginning of a new year and new term it is enormously gratifying and encouraging to have The Report on Campion Hall from the Supervisory Committee for the University's Permanent Private Halls (PPHs) referred to in these pages. Seven years ago, the Lucas review of all the University's PPHs commented approvingly of Campion that it provided "evidence of a strong community culture and collective relationships", adding that "there is a preoccupation with intellectual matters, and the research output of the Hall is at a good level of quality".

The recent Report serves to confirm and strengthen this favourable impression of Campion. Its detailed approval of the student, research and other features, for which the Committee considers the Hall distinguished, highlights even further the academic and community strengths of this institution. However, the Report also observed that Campion Hall could be better known within the University and offers its own explicit encouragement, both to the Hall and to the University, to collaborate in increasing Campion's presence and impact in the work and life of Oxford. It is my hope that a major feature of the coming year will be a consideration of how best to implement the recommendations proposed to us to develop and expand Campion's synergy with the University

It is a very happy coincidence that when the Oxford PPH committee was beginning its formal review of Campion Hall, our Jesuit Superior General in Rome addressed a letter to the whole Order on the subject of the Jesuit intellectual apostolate. He recalled that "the long tradition of the involvement of the Society of Jesus in the intellectual apostolate forms part of our religious identity", but he added that we cannot rest in the past: "a renewal of our efforts is needed in every generation because of the constantly changing context of this important work".

So, whether we believe in new year resolutions or not, there is clearly much stimulating work to do in 2015 AMDG.