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Job Posting: Assistant Director - Policy and Practice
Job Posting: Programme Manager - Scholar Programme
A Composite Chalice Recently Repaired
Four Lessons from Laudato Si' amidst COVID-19 Pandemic
Carl Schmitt "Resurrection" 1942
‘A History of the Bible’ by Campion Fellow Wins Duff Cooper Prize
Acta Pekinensia Book Launch
Job Posting: Administration and Events Assistant
LSRI Lecture: "Radical Ecological Conversion as Objective and Opportunity" by Dr Oliver Putz
[EVENT] Tears to Tunes: Consolation in the Jesuit Poetry of Southwell & Hopkins
Christian Shakespeare: Question Mark (TALK)
Blessing Ceremony for New LSRI Office
Austen Ivereigh Delivers First Campion Lecture of 2020
A Theology of Attention: Philosophy, Prayer & Theology
Campion Hall to host Summer Formation Academy 2020
End of term festivities
Celebrating Campion Day
"The Papacy of Francis: Conversion & Resistance" by Dr Austen Ivereigh
Campion Hall hosts professor from University of Innsbruck
Inaugural Pedro Arrupe Research Fellow talks about his research on hosting refugees
Campion Hall is one of three colleges and PPHs to pay the Oxford Living Wage
James Keenan, SJ gives Campion lecture and seminar
Georgetown visitor Dr. Cindy Farley looks back on a term in Oxford
Master Emeritus Hanvey delivers University Sermon
Campion Lecture 2019: James Keenan, SJ on "Exploring Vulnerability: Theological Ethics Today"
Campion to host biweekly seminar in modern theology (MT '19-'20)
Campion Hall Jubilee Celebration of 60 Years in the Society of Jesus
Campion to host biweekly reading group on Jesuit authors (MT '19-'20)
Campion to host weekly reading course on prudence in Thomas Aquinas (MT '19-'20)
Roundtable discussion on the Amazon
Job Posting: Communications Officer
Walking with Refugees: Transformation through Accompaniment
Ambrosius Benson: Rest on the Flight into Egypt
Senior Fellow Prof. Gavin Flood launches 'Religion and the Philosophy of Life'
Senior Fellow Prof. John Barton launches 'A History of the Bible'
‘From Declamatory Academies to Poetry Slams: Literary Declamation and the Art of Speaking in Germany, 1750-1900’
Newman Lecture 2019
Georgetown Professor Cavaillé to lecture on 'the Moral Underpinnings of Social Policy Preferences'
Noted Writer & Commentator Austen Ivereigh Joins Campion Hall
Ethiopian Madonna
Charles Mahoney and the Chapel Murals
Campion Hall highlighted in 'America Magazine' profile
Hall Unveils New Portrait by Acclaimed British Artist
Hall Student Successfully Passes DPhil
Wyndham Lewis’s ‘Thirty Personalities’
Sir Frank Brangwyn’s Stations of the Cross
Hall gifted rare antique papyrus
Art at Campion: an occasional blog on the Hall's collections
Campion hosts Archbishop Charles Scicluna for 1st Campion Lecture
Peter Davidson discusses twilight with 'Hedgehog and the Fox' podcast
Gustavo Morello to deliver 2018 D'Arcy Lectures
From the Archives: 'Country Life' Feature
Campion Senior Fellow wins Venetian research award
Six new graduate students matriculate
Hall members visit Stonor Park
2nd Campion Lecture 2018 - Prof. Christopher McCrudden
1st Campion Lecture 2018 - Archbishop Charles Scicluna
Professor Barton's Students Honor His Work
Notre Dame President asks, "What Is the University Good For?"
For the Feast of Corpus Christi
Oxford Chancellor Defends Universities as “Bulwarks of Liberal Democracy”
Seminar on the Common Good in Catholic Social Thought
Announcing Pedro Arrupe Research Fellowship in Forced Migration
"The University in Society: what is it for?"
2018 Campion Lecture (Prof. Vincent Gillespie)
Seven Women on Holy Saturday
Campion Senior Tutor Named University Pro-Proctor
Hall Ends Term with Farewell to Ex-Master
Senior Research Fellow awarded residential fellowship in Istanbul
Andreas Carlgren Keynote Address at Connecting Ecologies Symposium
Connecting Ecologies: Participants Look Back
Campion hosts Oxford Chancellor for 2018 Newman Lecture
Treasures of the Hall: A Catalan Madonna?
Campion Symposium on the Environment Charts New Paths Forward
New Students Matriculate
New Campion Bursar
Connecting Ecologies Symposium Opens with Keynote Speakers
An Endangered Indian Language Gets a Lifeline
Catholic-Orthodox Relations in the Age of Pope Francis
Annual Garden Party Enjoyed by All
Campion Conference on Theology & Development in Latin America
Campion to host international conference on ecology
Democracy in Haiti
Theological imaginaries and models of development (Registration available)
The History of the English Reformation in One Vestment
Visiting Georgetown Artist Exhibits Work
Campion Visiting Music Scholar Named Maestro di Cappella in Malta
Scorsese's 'Silence' at the Oxford Catholic Chaplaincy
Hall student awarded MSt degree
Junior Research Fellow Reports on Recent Research
Welcome to Fr Ian Tomlinson
Hall Members present papers at Munich conference
Engagement with the Landscape - A Painter's Evolution
Prof Martin Stannard lectures on Waugh in America
The Audacity of Faith
Art of Holy Week: Two Reflections
Distinguished Lecturer Uncovers the 'Dawn of Marian Devotion'
Gustavo Morello, SJ and Austen Ivereigh discuss Argentinian Dirty War
'No Abiding City': Evelyn Waugh and America
Treasures of the Hall: The Icon Rom
'Manchester by the Sea' reviewed by Campion Master
Treasures of the Hall: Persons Room
Gustavo Morello, SJ in conversation with Dr Austen Ivereigh
Meet a Fellow: Dr Michael Fascia
Hall hosts interdisciplinary research seminar on desire
The Venusti of Campion Hall
Treasures of the Hall: Rory Young panel
Campion Hall Newsletter - Michaelmas Term 2016
Alive with love: the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Treasures of the Hall: The D'Arcy Room
Senior Research Fellow's New Book Reviewed in Journal of Jesuit Studies
'America' Editor Lectures on Faith & Politics
Treasures of the Hall: Eric Gill's St Martin Engraving
A Feast for All Souls
Hall Unveils State-of-the-Art Touchscreen Technology
The Campion Collection in Context (Prof. Jane Stevenson)
Recognising a Jesuit Life
New Students Matriculate
Hall Architecture Highlighted by Twentieth Century Society
Four New Senior Research Fellows Join Campion Hall
Upcoming: Campion hosts conference on masculinities and mass atrocities
Campion hosts conference on the 'Common Good'
'America' Editor Matt Malone SJ to lecture on American Politics
Art and Human Identity
Campion Welcomes New Librarian
Jesuit Intellectual Apostolate meeting
Upcoming Lecture on GM Hopkins
Campion hosts guests for annual Garden Party
Campion Opens Its Doors for Alumni Weekend (Sept. 17)
Permaculture Pinterest
Field Report: Seeds of Hope
Prof. Gerard Kilroy to lecture on rhetoric of Edmund Campion
Campion to host Vice Chancellor Louise Richardson
Campion Fellow lectures at Ashmolean
Campion Senior Research Fellow delivers talk on religious art
Campion Members Discuss Pope Francis on BBC Radio Bristol
Rev'd Dr. James Hanvey, SJ in Washington, D.C. for Oxford Alumni Weekend
Congratulations to Dan Fung, DPhil
Field Report: Sovereignty without Adjectives
Field Report: Doing Coffee Differently
British Jesuit Chaplains Meet at Campion
The Martin D’Arcy Collection at Campion Hall: in context
Campion hosts Jesuit educators conference
Campion welcomes new Georgetown visitor
Campion hosts "Understanding Islam" conference
Senior Research Fellow Launch's New Edited Volume
"The Journey of the Magi"
Ignatian Nativity Reflection
'Guardian' Reviews Campion Senior Fellow's New Book
Fellow Research: The Self and Fragmentation
Campion launches new book on Athansius Kircher, SJ
Field Report: Why Redesign Food Systems?
Excerpt from Campion Senior Fellow Peter Davidson's newest book
The weird and wonderful world of Athanasius Kircher (book launch)
Campion welcomes new organist
End-of-Term Jesuit Alumni Reception
Exclusive Q&A with Peter Davidson on upcoming book
Field Report: The Right Not to Migrate
"Heaven and earth in little space"
James Hanvey, SJ, on the Synod on the Family
What Lies at the Heart of Christian Prayer?
Campion Hall members review new 'Macbeth' film for Catholic media
Campion Readings in Philosophy and Religion
Peter Davidson - Free Thinking (via BBC)
Campion Hall hosts a Jesuit alumni event and welcomes Jimmy Burns to talk about his new book
Campion Hall receives donation of a dozen Peruvian paintings
Campion Hall Newsletter - Michaelmas Term 2015
Fr Dan Mai, SJ - DPhil graduation
Oxford Alumni Weekend - Saturday 19th September
Campion Hall taking part in Oxford Open Doors - September 2015
English Language Summer School 2015
Rev'd Michael Suarez, SJ nominated by President Obama for key administration post
Campion Hall hosting International group of Jesuits
Prof Peter Pfeiffer, Visiting Scholar from Georgetown University, Washington DC
What lies at the heart of Christian prayer?
Vijay D’Souza, SJ - awarded Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Foundation graduate funding
Campion Hall Garden Party - Thursday 11th June
Campion Hall Newsletter - Hilary Term 2015
Campion Hall Newsletter - Michaelmas Term 2014
Campion Hall Newsletter - Trinity Term 2014
Jesuit Institute Conference - 3rd - 5th June 2015
Professor Philip Sheldrake awarded Doctor of Divinity on 11th July
Professor John Keown awarded a prestigious Doctor of Civil Law degree (DCL)
Catholic Bishop's Conferences' Health and Social Care group
Conference - Heythrop Institute for Religion and Society's Santiago Group
Rev'd, James Hanvey, SJ, - After the General Election: a politics for all people
Campion Hall Newsletter - Trinity Term 2015
Rev'd, James Hanvey, SJ, - Glimpses of the Divine: Some Personal Encounters
Rev'd Michael F. Suarez, SJ - The Lyell Lectures 2015
Dr. Oriana Skylar Mastro talk
Jesuit Novices visitors
Dr Philip Kennedy
Rev'd James Hanvey, SJ - Lady Artwork
Rev'd James Hanvey, SJ - Chapel and Lady Chapel
Dr Oriana Mastro
Past Event: From Darkness into Light
The Lyell Lectures 2015
The Newman Lecture 2015
Renogiating Aquinas : Catholic Feminist Ethics, Postmodernism, Realism, and Faith
Mrs Maureen Parker - Art
Rev'd James Hanvey, SJ - Introduction
Rev'd Joe Munitiz, SJ
Rev'd Vijay De Souza, SJ - Room
Rev'd Vijay De Souza, SJ - Portrait
Rev'd James Campbell, SJ
Rev'd Michael Knox, SJ
Rev'd Gerard Ryan, SJ - Painting
Rev'd Gerard Ryan, SJ
Forging the soul: ‘Iñigo’ at the White Bear Theatre
‘Care’ and ‘Dignity’ in the modern NHS - Part II
Prophetic Leadership in Healthcare Today: “Samaritan Style”
Ignatian Spirituality: James Hanvey
Rev'd Alejandro Olayo Mendez, SJ
Rev'd Professor John Barton FBA
Rev'd Gerry Hughes, SJ - Campion Hall
Rev'd Gerry Hughes, SJ - Teaching
Re-Owning the NHS Founding Story: The Good Samaritan Parable
‘Care’ and ‘Dignity’ in the modern NHS from a theological perspective Part I
Ignatius of Loyola: Theology as a way of living
Art works: objects d'Arcy
Rev'd Professor John Barton FBA: Research
Ethics in Ancient Israel
Rev'd Vijay D’Souza, SJ: Publication
Rev'd James Hanvey, SJ: Publication
Rev'd Jack Mahoney, SJ: Publication
Rev'd Joe Munitiz, SJ: Publication
Rev'd Nicholas King, SJ: Publication
Rev'd Gerry J Hughes, SJ: Publication
St Martin Carving
The Bassett Vestment
Making History
A fresh look at the Bible
The Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy
Treasures of Campion Hall: The Bellarmine Jug
Treasures of Campion Hall: The Library
Treasures of Campion Hall: Roy De Maistre
The Jesuit Institute of Education
Campion Congratulations: Hilary Term 2015
A New Campion Website
Campion Hall – What’s In a Name
Georgetown Visitors
Matriculations 2014
Jesuit Alumni Lunch
New Secretary Appointed
From The Master: Hilary Term 2015
Fare ye well! The Hall bids regretful goodbyes
The D’Arcy Lectures 2014
From The Master: Michaelmas Term 2014
From The Master: Trinity Term 2014
Supporting Campion Hall
University Praise for the Hall
Looking Ahead: Michaelmas Term 2014
Campion Conferences: Michaelmas Term 2014
A fond farewell
Gerry (God of Surprises) Hughes at 90
The Origins of Campion Hall
Campion News - Trinity Term 2014
Cultural Anthropology