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Pamela Armstrong was awarded a BA (Hons.) in Greek (classical & medieval) from the Queen’s University, Belfast. On gaining a Greek Government scholarship at graduation she studied in Athens for two years, developing an interest in Byzantine archaeology. She has an MA in Greek and Latin and a PhD in Byzantine and Ottoman Archaeology, both from Queens. She lived in Athens for another ten years, taking part in archaeological field work in Cyprus and Turkey, as well as in Greece. She also taught archaeology at College Year in Athens and organized a seminar series for five years at the Centre Byzantin for the international scholarly community. In Oxford she is a member of the Sub-faculty of Archaeology and set up the Oxford Byzantine Ceramics Project. Her specialization is challenging texts with material evidence, particularly to do with ecclesiastical and monastic history. Having built up an expertise in both textual analysis and archaeology she is engaged in applying them to a series of overlapping researches about early monasticism in Egypt, Syria, Bithynia, the Aegean islands, and Insular Britain.


Material Culture as History in the north Aegean and Thraco-Macedonian region, published by the Athens Archaeological Society

She is currently at work on a volume entitled Sanctity and Monasticism in Middle Byzantine Greece, to be published by Brill.


Principal publications include:
Continuity and Change in a Greek Rural Landscape: The Laconia Survey, vols. I & II (1996 & 2002)

The Balboura Survey and settlement in highland southwest Anatolia from the Prehistoric period to the Turkish Republic (2012)

`Nomadic Seljuks in "Byzantine" Lycia: New Evidence' in Η Βυζαντινή Μικρά Ασία, ed. S. P. Vryonis and N. Oikonomides (Athens), 321-38

‘Some Iconographic Observations of Figural Representation on Zeuxippus Ware’ in Ritual and Art. Byzantine Essays for Christopher Walter, (Farnham), 75-93

‘A Byzantine soldier from the Crusading era’ Questiones Medii Aevi Novae 11, 11-21 (with N. V. Sekunda)

‘Monasteries Old and New: The Nature of the Evidence’ in Founders and Refounders of Byzantine Monasteries ed. M. E. Mullett (Belfast), 315-43

‘The monasteries of Saint Nikon: The Amyklaion, Sparta and Lakonia’ in Dioskouroi. Studies presented to W. G. Cavanagh and C. B. Mee, ed. C. Gallou, M. Georgiadis and G. M. Muskett (Oxford), 352-69

‘Trade in the East Mediterranean in the 8th century’ in Byzantine Trade, 4th-12th Centuries ed. M. Mango (Farnham), 157-78

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