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Dr Harris Wiseman is a Research Fellow at Campion Hall, the University of Oxford. He has a PhD in Divinity (psychology of religion) from the University of Cambridge, where he was Research Associate for two years. During that time he published The Myth of the Moral Brain – The Limits of Moral Enhancement (MIT Press). His bioethics work has been published in many of the leading journals in the field, the American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience, Cambridge Healthcare Quarterly, the Royal Institute of Philosophy, Bioethics, and Zygon. He is convener of the Boyle Lecture Series; honorary Senior Research Associate at the Institute of Education, UCL; and remains a regular contributor to the Geneva Center for Security Policy’s Geopolitics and Global Futures program, lecturing on the neurophilosophy of global security.
His research area is Theology of Gratitude; moral bioenhancement. His research interests are: theology, spirituality, prayer, gratitude, human ehnchancement, philosophy of biology, and neuroscience. 


PhD Cantab Divinity
MPhil Cantab Divinity
MA Philosophy, Nottingham University
BA Philosophy, Middlesex University

Selected Publications

Wiseman, H. 2016. The Myth of the Moral Brain - The Limits of Moral Enhancement. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press

Wiseman, H. 2017. Systems Biology and Predictive Neuroscience - A Double Helical Approach. Zygon. 52(2) 516-537

Wisemean, H. 2018. The Sins of Moral Enhancement Discourse. In Hauskeller, M and Coyne, L. Moral Enhancement Critical Perspectives. Procedings of the Royal Institute of Philosophy. Cambridge, UK: Cambrdge University Press