Visiting Research Fellow
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I am Hiroshi Sasagawa, a professor of English at Chuo University in Tokyo, Japan. I am now on a year's sabbatical and doing research on English Literature at Campion Hall, whose warm hospitality and academic atmosphere I am immensely pleased with.

Historically, Chuo University, with which I am affiliated, has a close relationship with Britain. "Chuo" means "Centre" or "Middle" in Japanese, and its name is partly derived from the fact that its founders read English Law at Middle Temple in London in the late nineteenth century. Japan had been taking a policy of seclusion for nearly 300 years until 1868, when the government, menaced by European and American imperialism, decided to change its policy and started to introduce Western culture in order to enhance the wealth and military strength of the nation. It was at that time that the founders of our university studied in England, wishing to contribute to the modernisation of the country by introducing the English legal system into it.

My speciality is English literature, particularly English poetry. For more than ten years I had been translating with my colleagues Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Biographia Literaria into Japanese, and its completed translation was published in May 2013 by Hosei University Press. Now we have moved on to our second project, which is to select and translate significant entries from Coleridge’s Notebooks into Japanese. I am also working on the translation of poems by English seventeenth-century poets, including John Denham, Edmund Waller, and John Cleveland, which is to be published in March 2015 by Chuo University Press. Additionally, I am currently doing research on Gerard Manley Hopkins, a nineteenth-century Jesuit poet, taking advantage of the resources of Campion Hall and invaluable information generously given by its kind members as well.

My non-academic interests are in playing tennis, skiing, and travelling. As I am also interested in British history, I enjoy visiting historic sites like castles, churches, ruins and battlefields in the British Isles when time permits.


My academic publications include: ‘Opposites Reconciled: Landscape Description in Cooper’s Hill” in Proceedings on-line of Poetics and Linguistics Association Annual Conference (PALA, 2014), A Complete Japanese Translation of the Biographia Literaria (Hosei University Press, 2013), Tradition and Reform: Tracing the Pierian Springs of the Seventeenth–Century England (Chuo University Press, 2010), ‘Two Outlooks on Nature: A Comparative Study of Cowper’s “The Poplar-Field” and Hopkins’s “Binsey Poplars”’ in Hopkins Research No. 38 (The Hopkins Society of Japan, 2009), ‘The Theory of Verbal Expression in Biographia Literaria: An Essay on Coleridge’s View of Language’ in English Usage and Style Vol.25 (The Japan Society of English Usage and Style, 2008), ‘Hopkins in the Tradition of English Topographical Poetry’ in Hopkins Research No. 36 (The Hopkins Society of Japan, 2007), The Discovery of Hidden Scenes: Victorian Literature and Culture (Chuo University Press, 2002), ‘Coleridge and Bowles’ in Essays in English Romanticism Vol. 23 (The Japan Association of English Romanticism, 1999).

Educational history

M.A. in English Literature, Waseda University, Tokyo 1989

B.A. in English Literature, Rikkyo University, Tokyo 1986

Academic Interests

My current interests are mainly in the English Romantics, John Denham (a seventeenth-century Cavalier poet), and G. M. Hopkins.