D'Souza, SJ
DPhil Student
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01865 286106
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I’m a Jesuit working in Northeast India, interested in spirituality, education, endangered languages and cultures.

Publications in Hrusso AKA

D'Souza 2005. Ako Na Kako (Alphabet primer). Palizi: Arunachal Jesuit Society.

D'Souza V. & Kiran Pomsow (eds) 2012. Nugu Dziiwsa (Beautiful Songs) Palizi: St. Xavier's Parish.

D'Souza, V., Apang Rumo & P. Nimasow (forthcoming) Ako Na Shipyow (Children’s Stories)

Music CD album

Nugu dziiwsa (Beautiful Songs July 2012).

Seminar Presentations

  1. Changing Land Relations among the Hrusso Akas of Arunachal Pradesh. Presented at the International Seminar on Resources, Tribes, and State, Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, February 2012.
  2. Ripples of Influence: The Aka Worldview of Creation. Presented at the seminar 'Reflection on Tribal Theology in Northeast India', at North Eastern Social Research Centre, Guwahati, India, April 2012.

Key works

Principal/Manager of St. Xavier’s Secondary School, Palizi from 2006-10

Principal of St. Berchmans School, Thrizino, Arunachal Pradesh, 2010-11

I have been with the Hrusso Aka Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh since 1999, have leant Hrusso Aka language, and helped in developing orthography and in publication of the first printed books in the language.


Endangered Languages, Linguistics, Phonology